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Jan 16, 2017  

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SpaceX intends to reuse its rockets to cut costs. "Rocket is stable," Musk posted on Twitter. "Mission looks good." Two other returning Falcon boosters landed on the ground. The mission tested changes implemented by SpaceExploration Technologies Corp, known as SpaceX, since the launchpad explosion. Accident investigators determined that a canister of helium burst inside the rocket's second-stage liquid oxygen tank, triggering the explosion. The canister is being redesigned, but until then SpaceX is addressing the issue by modifying its fueling procedures. The explosion destroyed a $62 million SpaceX booster and a$200 million Israeli communications satellite that it was to put into orbit two days later. The accident clouded the company's aggressive agenda, which includes beginning to ferry U.S. astronauts into space next year, when it also plans to make its first voyage to Mars. Saturday's flight begins to clear a logjam of more than 70 planned missions, worth more than $10 billion, involving SpaceX Falcon rockets, which last flew in August, SpaceX said. The launch is the first in a seven-flight contract with Iridium worth $468.1 million, company spokeswoman Diane Hockenberry said.

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